TouchDown Productions
Studio Facilities

TouchDown Productions is responsible for the majority of music produced for TouchDown Enterprises artists. Many artists have not only used TouchDown Productions' state of the art studios for pre-production, tracking, mixing, and, in some cases, mastering. Located in a discrete residential area, we provide a very good environment for sparking deep creativity through to the end of the music creation process.

These are the "nuts and bolts" that make the studio work for you.

Multi-Track Recorders:

2 Yamaha AW4416HDCD Units
  • Digital Audio Workstations
  • 8 to 16 channel inputs each
  • 16 tracks each for a total of 32 tracks when mixing
  • 128 virtual tracks each
  • 4-band EQ and compressor for each channel/track
  • 2 channels each of built-in variable effects processors with stereo returns
  • Multiple auxiliary output channels
  • Automated moving faders for mixes
  • Synchronized using SMPTE

  • Mic Pre:

    1 Focusrite Voice Master


    1 Rode NT2 Condenser

    2 Electro-Voice 257B Dynamic
    Cardiod Microphones

    2 Audio-Technica ATW-0322
    Wireless Microphones


    1 Roland S-50 Digital Sampling Keyboard
  • 4 individual outs plus mono out

  • 1 MPC2000 XL Studio
  • With SMPTE Generator/Reader
  • 8 invividual outs plus stereo out

  • Sound Modules:

    1 Korg Triton
    Rack Unit

    1 Yamaha MU-80
    Multitimbral Tone Generator

    1 Alesis SR-16
    Drum Module

    1 Boss Dr. Synth 330
    Multitimbral Tone Generator

    1 Roland MGS-64
    Multitimbral Tone Generator

    Outboard Gear (Effects, etc.):

    1 Alesis Microverb 4
    Effects Processor

    1 Digitech Studio Vocalist
    Vocal Harmony Processor

    1 Alesis Nanoverb
    Effects Processor

    1 Aphex 104 Aural Exciter
    Type C with Big Bottom

    1 DBX Project 1
    Compressor Gate 266


    1 Pair of Yamaha NS10M Studio Near Field Monitors

    1 Pair of 15" Sonic Monitors

    2-Track Master Recorders:

    2 Sony DAT Recorders
    1 TDK CD Recorder
  • 4-speed
  • 1 Philips CD Recorder
  • 2-speed
  • 1 RICOH Computer-based CD Recorder
  • 2-speed
  • 1 Sony Cassette Recorder
  • Dolby B and Dolby C Noise Reduction
  • 1 Kenwood Cassette Recorder
  • Dolby B and Dolby C Noise Reduction

  • Studio rates are $40 per hour. Block rates (6 hours or more) are available. Studio rates include an assistant for tracking only. Mix engineers, producer fees, and materials are additional costs that may be billed by us or by third parties utilizing the studio facilities.

    For more info, call (770) 484-7077 or Email Us.